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Facility Planning Jefferson Intermediate and Middle Schools

Enrollment projections are driving the need to accommodate 200 students per grade level. Through a space utilization study, Jefferson Intermediate School has been identified as a pinch-point in the district and has the most direct need for additional classrooms and a larger cafeteria to accommodate growth. This same study shows that the music, art, and family consumer science rooms at the Middle School are also substantially under-sized for their current and future enrollments.

Building expansion studies led to a proposed solution to construct one large addition that connects the two facilities. This solution is efficient for construction and costs, and it provides a literal bridge for access to shared resources without having to walk outside. One central music department of band, orchestra, and choir is proposed for both facilities to share. This solution frees up space at Jefferson for cafeteria expansion into spaces originally occupied by band and orchestra. The two buildings are proposed to still function as separate schools but will be physically linked providing flexibility for future needs of grades 4-8.

Proposed Jefferson renovations include cafeteria expansion to accommodate 200 students per grade level, the addition of a second food service line, renovation and expansion of the Level 3 Special Ed classroom, replacement and expansion of student lockers, and the addition of a fire suppression system for a portion of the building that was not upgraded in the most recent renovation project.

The bridge addition is proposed to include ten classrooms along a learning street to accommodate the capacity needed for Jefferson’s grades 4-6. It will also include band rehearsal space to accommodate the growing ensemble sizes of 150 students.

Proposed Middle School renovations include expansion of choir rehearsal space to accommodate ensembles of 150 students, and orchestra rehearsal space to accommodate ensembles of 50 students. It also includes art classroom expansion to include both wet and dry labs, and family consumer science expansion to include both sewing/learning and food labs. The kitchen is proposed for expansion to provide permanent food service lines, and the cafeteria is proposed to be renovated and expanded to accommodate 200 students per grade level.

Middle School and Jefferson parking will also be improved/expanded with this renovation project.

Aerial View
Floor Plan